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Courses can be filtered by Academic Year, Season, and Session to view class schedules. Courses per Session are listed by code, days/times, and section.
Session dates can be viewed in our academic calendar.
Please note: 1) Some classes may require an additional course fee. 2) Please check course details (i.e. course and public notes) for any mandatory activities such as field learning or faculty-supervised projects. If extenuating circumstances do not allow for an activity to run as originally scheduled, it will be held in a classroom or alternative format equivalent to the academic coursework requirement.


latest news

Art, Space, and the City: A New Course on How to Experience Florence through Contemporary Art and City Structure

Art, psychology, and philosophy have been rounded up in one new course through Florence  University of the Arts - The American University of Florence: Art, Space, and the City: Mixed-Media Walks. Students walk and engage in a variety of artistic projects, exercises, and experiments to open up their minds to the world and art around them, connecting them with the urban space.

FUA-AUF launches a new internship program at Careggi University Hospital

This month, Florence University of the Arts – The American University of Florence launches a new internship program for international nursing students, offering the opportunity to take clinical placements at Careggi University Hospital.

The Future of Fashion | Students in Florence Define Tomorrow’s Trends

Much like Milan, New York City, and Paris, Florence is commonly considered one of the world's fashion capitals. However, different from these other cities, Florence is better known as a fashion capital by those who work directly in the industry than by the general public. 



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