Graduate Admissions

This area provides admissions information for:

  • Graduate Application Forms: Application for graduate-level study abroad and post bac program (in collaboration with Fairfield University) at FUA-AUF.
  • Enrollment Guidelines and Admissions Requirements: To enroll in academic programs related to any of these periods, please consult their corresponding information in the below sections.


International Education Courses for Graduate Students

FUA offers a 3-credit graduate courses in International Education. A semester-long certificate program is available. Graduate credit is granted through FUA-AUF's School of Record, the University of South Florida. For details on how to apply, please contact


Post Baccalaureate Program for College Graduates

In collaboration with Fairfield University


Admissions requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 75 GPA
  • For tuition and visa requirements please visit the Fairfield page below. This program is not eligible for Financial Aid. 

Please refer to the Fairfield University program page for further details, deadlines, and to initiate the application process.


MA Degrees

For MA degree program admission, please visit the AUF website.

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