Gardens of Culture

The word “culture” has its origins in the Latin term “colere,” which originally meant “to till” or “to cultivate” the land. Over time, this word evolved to encompass not only the act of farming but also the nurturing of human practices, customs, and beliefs. It’s from this very concept that the theme for the Fall 2023 academic conference was born: Cultivating our minds, our passions, and our relationships is at the core of human existence. The same concept is shared by the current issue of Blending Magazine: Italo Calvino’s Memos offer us insights into the nuances of culture and the art of cultivating ideas, stories, and connections. The featured articles exemplify the diverse perspectives and thought-provoking ideas that our talented AUF & FUA-AUF students bring to the table. We hope that this issue serves as a rich tapestry of insights, inspirations, and cultural reflections.

Cover by Jaylen Davis, Katherine Segarra