Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media

This program is designed to shape highly qualified professionals through a hybrid approach of a rigorous academic component and hands-on teaching techniques. The goal is to develop skills for future careers in fashion with roots stemming from the alchemy of artisanal arts and industry presence in Italy. By stimulating creative craftsmanship and know-how, students integrate fashion practices and knowledge with contemporary perspectives, mentored by international faculty members that directly represent the industry. 

CEMI Involvement

Fly Fashion Loves You is a non-profit retail store on campus open to the public and showcases a luxury vintage collection, local emerging designers, and a student-produced brand. The FUA experiential learning model is applied according to the featured courses, represented by a stimulating community engagement that allows students to apply learning in a professional setting from design to promotion, show and event management, and merchandising strategies.

Year 1

1 Year certificate in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media

Year 2

2 Year Certificate in:
1. Fashion Design and Technology
2. Accessory Design and Technology
3. Fashion Merchandising, Marketing, and Retail
4. Fashion Communication, Promotion, and Media

What it means to study at FUA-AUF

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The Pomario

The Pomario Botanical Retail store is FUA-AUF’s most recent CEMI initiative. Pomario is operated by students and faculty members

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