Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies

The program is designed to provide students with a complete educational experience in the field of gastronomy and wellness. Year 1 offers a general overview of food, wine, and wellness fundamentals applicable to the second year. Year 2 concentrations allow students to progress in the preferred area of studies and will broaden students’ knowledge of Italian gastronomy and nutrition, offering a rigorous focus on techniques, direct experience, and understanding of the Mediterranean identity of the curriculum. 

CEMI Involvement

Three creative learning labs support the learning experience of the Food, Wine, and Wellness program and its related concentration and master-level opportunities. Each lab features a distinct identity and is open to the local community, allowing for students to directly apply learning topics to real-life situations. Fedora and Sorgiva are respectively the school pastry shop and spa located at Palazzo Villani Stiozzi Ridolfi building location (also home to Dimora FUA-AUF Guest Apartment ) while Ganzo in the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood hosts the school restaurant.

Year 1

1 Year certificate in Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies

Year 2

2 Year certificate in:u003cdivu003e1. Photographyu0026nbsp;u003cdivu003e2. Visual Communicationu0026nbsp;u003c/divu003eu003cdivu003e3. Publishingu0026nbsp;u003c/divu003eu003cdivu003e4. Product Designu003c/divu003eu003c/divu003e

Year 1

1 Year certificate in Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies

Year 2

2 Year certificate in:
1. culinary arts commis chef (WACS-approved programs)
2. baking and pastry commis chef 
3. wine studies and enology 
4. wellness, health, and nutrition

Year 3

Three-year master-level certificates, advanced specializations in:
1. culinary arts chef de partie (WACS-approved programs)
2. baking and pastry chef de partie

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The Pomario

The Pomario Botanical Retail store is FUA-AUF’s most recent CEMI initiative. Pomario is operated by students and faculty members

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