Special Programs

Group and faculty-led programs can be developed year-round for groups of all sizes and students of all ages, drawing on elements from FUA-AUF academic divisions and CEMI Community Engagement Member Institutions. Program types include:

 “Teaching Florentine Renaissance Art History anywhere else is not as rewarding. It is a dream come true to discuss Michelangelo’s sculptural techniques while peering up at his David, and turn around to see the excitement in my students’ eyes.”
 - Visiting professor 

Faculty Led

A program where a faculty member supervises the participants as an advisor or program leader but does not teach a faculty-led course on-site. The faculty represents their home institution and are responsible exclusively for their own students. Students take at least one course with FUA-AUF. Participants may be either students of, or enrolled through, the faculty member's home institution.

Cooperative Faculty-Led

A program where a faculty member designs and participates in the program as an instructor. The faculty represents their home institution and teaches a course on-site exclusively to their own students. Students take one class with their accompanying faculty member(s) and one class with FUA-AUF.

Food & Culture

Academic programs that are offered on a for-credit and non-credit basis which explore a variety of Italian food and culture topics. These programs can be tailored for adult professionals and students of all levels. 

Please write to specialprograms@fua-auf.it for any questions related to faculty-led and customized programs.

 “There is something magical about the light in Tuscany, its softness and warmth never cease to amaze me. Learning how to capture that light in photography has enabled me to take a part of Italy home with me”- Photography student

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