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Florence, Italy

A city that challenges the concepts of past, present, and future: Florence, a European center of art, history, and culture, is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany. Its geographic location allows easy access to every region of Italy; Florence has changed global and Western thought considering its revolutionary impact through the first banking systems, the widening of architectural and artistic perspectives during the Renaissance, and modern political science and philosophy.  It is an excellent compass for navigating Italian culture through its linguistic importance, an ambassador of Italian regionality through its capital position in Tuscany,


 a site where many of Italy’s important moments unfolded throughout time. Florence today, with its unique characteristics coupled with a primary position in international and Italian tourism, economy, and culture, is an intriguing example of how past, present, and future blend together in a stimulating expression of the European city. Students seeking to study abroad in Florence find themselves immersed in an environment where all areas of human experience and study offer continuous and multifold opportunities to learn and be profoundly changed by the life and activity taking place here.

Fast Facts

  • Population: 367,700 inhabitants
  • Location: Province of Florence, Region of Tuscany
  • Transportation: Major train station, taxis, buses, tram
  • Lifestyle: Major Italian city with a walkable city center, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Major museums: 70+ including 5 of Italy’s 15 most-visited museums.
  • Libraries: Over 30 libraries in the city including the largest location of the national library network.  
  • Nature: Numerous museum and public gardens throughout the city.
  • Health: Extensive healthcare system including major public hospitals and several public and private clinics.

Florence Program Benefits

  • Central Italian location
  • Major Italian city, cultural capital, and international environment.
  • Home to world-renowned innovation in the arts and sciences.
  • Connected by train and flight to major Italian, European, and international destinations.
  • Urban location that offers a walking lifestyle, museums, monuments, and green parks.
  • Florence-only or 2-City Program including the Cinque Terre Riviera.

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