Undergraduate Admissions

This area provides admissions information for:

  • Undergraduate Application Forms:Application for pre-college, study abroad, non-credit internship/SPEL, and remote learning programs at FUA-AUF.
  • Enrollment Guidelines and Admissions Requirements:To enroll in academic programs related to any of these periods, please consult their corresponding link within the below sections where you will be guided to more information along with the application forms.


Undergraduate Application Forms


On-campus programs in Florence: This application form for admissions can be used for the following programs of study.

  • Pre-College: Summer 3 o 4-Week Sessions for high school studenets
  • Study Abroad: Semesters, Quarters/Intensive Sessions (Fall, Spring, Summer, Highlight Programs).
  • Non-Credit Internships/SPEL: Minimum 3-week experience that combines Italian language and professional internships or SPEL placement courses, minimum 6-week experiences for externally-based internships.


2022-2023 Application Form, valid for Fall 22, Spring 23, and Summer 23.
2023-2024 Application Form, valid for Fall 23, Spring 24, and Summer 24.

2023 Pre-College Application Form, valid for Summer 2023

Iconic Floroence Remote Learning: This application form for admissions can be used for the following program offerings.

  • Remote learning courses
  • Remote learning SPEL/Internship placements



2022-2023 Application Form, valid for Fall 22, Spring 23, and Summer 23.
2023-2024 Application Form, valid for Fall 23, Spring 24, and Summer 24.

Application Submission

  1. Application Deadlines per session.
  2. Applicants are expected to meet the following criteria:
  • For US/Canadian students a required minimum GPA of 2.75, English Fluency, High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • Please note that Internship and SPEL placement courses have additional interview requirements.
  1. Please send Program Application (signed and completed), official transcript, CV, or statement of prior experience (if applying for intermediate or advanced levels only), and USF Conduct Waiver (if requesting a USF School of Record Transcript) using one of the following methods:

Email: admissions@fua-auf.it  
Fax: (+39) 055 2476234

ATTN: Admissions Office
Corso Tintori, 21
50122 Firenze ITALY


2 and 4-Year Degree Programs

For 2 and 4-year undergraduate degree program admission, please visit the AUF website.

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