Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI)

Opportunities for student exposure and interaction with the local culture through civic engagement and service learning on both academic and extracurricular levels and cultural integration projects including the on-going involvement available through CEMI.

Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) are  associated with each of the University’s schools. 

An important aspect of the University’s education is the collaboration and exchange between academic departments and Palazzi’s projects for cultural integration – spaces connected to the institution that are open to the local community and operate in cooperation with the faculty and student body as a part of the academic experience. The educational aim of involved courses is aligned with these spaces in order for students to directly apply Experiential Learning in a training ground that fosters the intermingling of communities and cultures.

CCIS, the Center for Cultural and Italian Studies, is located at sQuola. Its efforts are focused on promoting cultural Italian studies through cultural activities, projects, and an annual interdisciplinary conference in conjunction with SUNY, Stony Brook University.


is the photography and design gallery located at DIVA and IDEAS that features the works of international photographers as well as of the faculty/student body.

DIMORA are the guest apartments, located in Via Ricasoli 21, operated by students and faculty of the Apicius Hospitality and Hotel and Lodging Management departments.


At the School of Fine Arts, there is a space for contemporary art in Florence. The facility features a public art gallery and the artist in residence program. The resident artist is directly involved in instruction at the School of Fine Arts.

FEDORA is the school pastry shop open to the community and operated by the students and faculty of the Apicius Baking and Pastry department.

FLY- FASHION LOVES YOU is the school retail store operated by FAST, which features emerging designers, high quality vintage, consignment, and student-produced designs.

GANZO is the Apicius school restaurant open to the community and offers fine dining, art shows, and special events. It is operated by the culinary, wine, and hospitality students and faculty of Apicius.

THE ENTREPRELEARN LAB at ISB is dedicated to business and entrepreneurial operations with a specific aim of fostering new ideas and inventions for startup companies. The lab collaborates with the local industrial association of the province of Florence – Confindustria (

INGORDA for Florence Campus Publishing at the J School operates the publishing projects and products of the University. It is specialized in volumes on gastronomy, travel, culture, and textbooks, as well as the Blending newsletter and magazine officially registered as a product of journalism in Italy. Ingorda is involved in the University’s  publishing projects involving students.

SORGIVA is the school spa open to the community and operated by students and faculty of the Apicius Hospitality and Spa Management departments.

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