FUA-AUF Schools

Schools and Areas of Study


FUA-AUF gathers nine academic divisions featuring a rich curriculum of diverse disciplines. The main areas of study listed below for each school include a vast range of subjects collectively represented in the academic schedule that students can choose from for their study abroad experience in Florence.

Academic Disciplines

APICIUS International School of Hospitality

SAS School of Arts and Sciences

SQUOLA Center for Cultural and Italian Studies

Course Scheduling

Please visit the academic schedules for current and upcoming course offerings. Courses are identified by schools and related departments. A complete listing of the departments representing the courses featured in the schedules can be consulted in the academic catalog.

FUA-AUF in the Community

Studies at all FUA-AUF schools and disciplines invite students to not just experience or observe but actively contribute to the local community and culture. Through the Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI), students and faculty are engaged in learning experiences that combine knowledge and competency in creative learning labs where the results are directly shared with the community.


CEMI are affiliated with FUA-AUF schools as follows:


CCIS: Center for Cultural and Italian Studies

Corridoio Fiorentino: Photography and Design Gallery

Dimora: Guest Apartments

EntrepreLearn Lab: Collaborations with local Florentine entrepreneurs and startups

F_AIR: Florence Artist in Residence

Fedora: Pastry Shop

FLY Fashion Loves You: Fashion Retail Store

Ganzo: Restaurant

Ingorda: Campus Press

Pomario: Botanical Retail Store

Sorgiva: Spa

AUF Operations: Intenational higher ed involvement for Graduate Studies only

Faculty at FUA-AUF

Courses are taught by highly qualified faculty who meet international and US higher education hiring standards. FUA-AUF faculty are distinct for:

  • International and Italian backgrounds
  • Fully vetted academic and professional qualifications
  • A balanced representation of faculty and professors of practice with industry experience
  • Commitment to student advising and mentoring
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