Graduate Certificate

Semester Certificate in Int’l Education

The FUA-AUF certificate in International Education offers the opportunity to complete a semester of graduate coursework in Florence, Italy. Coursework covers the areas of teaching in international education, comparative education and student diversity, research methodologies, and technology practices from an international perspective. A course on advanced English for international educators is available for non-native speakers. The program objective is focused on education practices developed for learning contexts and student populations that are both international and cross-cultural, with the aim of building competency for participants who seeking to either continue their graduate studies in the field of education or undertake careers in international education.

15-week semester, offered in the fall and spring

Credit load
Minimum 12 credits

A graduate transcript from FUA’s School of Record is available for each individual course taken at an additional cost.

Graduate students
• Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution
• Transcript of previous coursework
• Minimum 3.0 GPA
• Letter of motivation

Undergraduate students who fulfill the following requirements may apply to be considered for graduate courses.
• Academic transcript
• Junior or senior year standing
• Good academic standing, minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA
• Letter of motivation for admission to graduate-level course

Examples of courses offered

  • Strategies for Effective Teaching in International Education Experiential Learning
  • Advanced English for International Educators
  • Comparative International Education and Student Diversity
  • Research Methodologies for International Educators
  • Innovative Practices and Technology in International Education

    How to Apply
    Detailed syllabi are available for all courses.

    For information on how to apply, please contact
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