Professionalizing & Experiential Learning

Active experiential learning and professional outreach are a transformative instruction for students, granting them new and valued abilities that redefine their opportunities and their future professional choices. Program offerings include the following options and are offered on a for-credit and non-credit basis:

Experiential Learning Course

Students receive academic instruction following the instructor’s guidance and expertise.

Special Project Experiential Learning (SPEL)

Students learn by doing and observing the assigned tasks while receiving academic supervision. Placements are assigned within CEMI and actively engage students within the local community and culture.


Students actively assist professionals in fulfilling daily tasks.

Students do not receive traditional classroom instruction but learn by performing tasks. Placements are assigned according to approved companies and organizations external to FUA-AUF.

Some prerequisites may apply.

Community Service and Volunteer Projects

These experiences may be integrated to academic coursework or non-credit Learn and Serve course.

Please note:

  • The minimum length required for a credit-bearing placement is 3 weeks for SPEL and 6 weeks for internships.
  • Non-credit internships must be a minimum of 6 weeks and require a mandatory 3-week Italian language session at the program start. For SPEL placements, the minimum length is 3 weeks (maximum 12 weeks for both programs). Both placement types allow for a maximum of 20 contact hours per week. Students can select the number of additional weeks for the program length.
  • Learn and Serve experiences can be taken on a non-credit basis. Community outreach is offered by the Student Life and Development Department of FUA-AUF as an extracurricular activity.

For enrollment please contact:

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