Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs at FUA-AUF span 2-Year Associate Degree and 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree pathways. Academic and student life at FUA-AUF is supported by a rich cultural context that draws innumerable advantages from the city of Florence and the FUA-AUF campus network, which foster a sense of both local Italian and global community for our undergraduate student scholars. Programs are offered in a variety of academic disciplines that combine theory and an experiential approach to practice while broadening knowledge and cultural competency through the general education curriculum. Career-oriented study pathways on a 1 or 2-year basis are also available for individuals seeking to deepen industry skills with the option of transferring coursework to 2 and 4-year degree programs.

2-year programs

Certificate Career Programs

Career Programs are designed specifically for undergrad, grad, and continuing ed students seeking career-focused studies for future professions.


Associate's Degrees (AA)

The  career programs can be taken as pathways to FUA-AUF’s Associate of Arts (AA) degree programs. AA fulfillment requires the coursework described in the Certificate Career Program curricula and a minimum of 21 general education credits as listed below to complete the associate’s degree. Please note that general requirements vary according to the program. All AA programs require an English language level as stated for the bachelor’s degree programs.


4-year programs

Bachelor's Degree (BA)

Bachelor's Degrees offer four areas of study that consist of at least 120 credits hours. Please see below for BA concentration areas per degree.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies, concentrations in: Art History, Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Publishing and Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Food and Wine Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Merchandising, and Media

BA/BLPS Dual Degree Programs

BA/BLPS dual degree programs at FUA-AUF are four-year undergraduate pathways that offer a dual degree option to earn both a BA and a Fairfield UniversityBLPS (Bachelor’s in Liberal and Professional Studies) degree.

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