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    International School of Hospitality

    The School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts

    The School of Digital Imaging and Visual Arts (DIVA) is a dynamic, high-tech institution structured in four different departments that offer courses at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels:


Digital Imaging and Visual Arts

DIVA offers studies in digital photography, rich multimedia, video-making, graphic design, and interior design. Its vision seeks to train students to forge a new light and perspective on how digital and visual arts reveal our surroundings. DIVA is a lens to the city and local territory through which students combine personal learning with the latest technologies.

Degrees Offered:

AA in Communication and Interactive Digital Media (Visual Communication and Digital Media Concentrations)

BA in Digital Publishing and Communication

MA in Visual Media

Please refer to the Academic Catalog for specific Departments and Courses


Community Engagement Member Institutions

We are the first academic institution in Italy to establish integration projects affiliated to its academic departments and open to the public, in the form of Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI). Community Engagement Member Institutions (CEMI) are non-profit entities that support AUF's commitment to cultural integration. Each CEMI is strongly linked to an academic division at AUF. CEMI initiatives and projects signify specific services and structures that are open to the public and involve students in experiential learning results shared with the local Florentine community. 

Corridoio Fiorentino

Spa Wellness Learning Lab
Palazzo Villani Stiozzi Ridolfi
Via Ricasoli 21
Firenze - ITALIA


Florence Artist in Residence and gallery
Palazzo Bombicci Guicciardini Strozzi
Corso dei Tintori, 21
Firenze - ITALIA


Corso dei Tintori, 21 50122 Florence, Italy
Ph. +39 055 2658135
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