Apicius for Vitamix: Zucca Soup Recipe

Advanced Culinary students Illeana Collado and Stephanie Cremin demonstrate how to make Zucca Soup.
Camera by Katarina Churich | Edited by Nick Klotz

Paintings in Transcendence

Andrea Mancini's exhibition "Paintings in Transcendence" explores his favorite artists through digital illustration.
Video by: Jamie Mertz SPEL - Video Production

FLY Lost Paradise 

Welcome to a Lost Paradise at FLY.
Edited by Hailey Koebrick, SPEL - Video Production | Filmed by Jamie Mertz, SPEL - Video Production

FLY Fashion and The City

Fashion and the City presented the project Florence Factory, a hub of local artisans run by Lorenzo Bertini.
Post Production and Editing by Nick Klotz, Experiential Learning Student

FLY Denim Affair

Distressed. Overlooked. Cheated. Revamped. Worshipped.
Denim is an unfailing staple in our lives and in our closets; a non-judgmental symbol of equality and power. A fully-functional, gender-fluid material which has evolved from worker’s attire to an iconic and fashionable product.
Appreciate denim by joining us in a discussion revolving around this common yet precious textile, and shop new and iconic denim inventions.
Video by: Jamie Mertz SPEL - Video Production

 What is Wellness to you?

Stop Motion and Motion Graphics
The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. What is wellness to you is a video that gives different points of view about the meaning of this word. Some think that wellness is a state of mind. We decide to use different words and different representations because this word can represent so many things. We start with the concept that wellness means nature and peace. Then we move the focus onto something different: wellness can also means happiness and a healthy mind. For some people, this concept is similar to the idea of recycling and for other people, it can represent the wellness that gives us food or exercise. At the end of the video, we decided to write spirit, because we think that is the word closest to our concept. The morphing technique was our way to represent the varieties of the answer to the question.

Video by: Dimphy Deitmers, Christopher Edwards, Kathryn Farmer, Nicholas Forbes, Jocelyn Hussey, Jacob Joseph, Connor Matthews, Sydney Shugarman, Megan Winquist


Apicius 2015 Teaching Traditions Conference

The recenty concluded Teaching Traditions hospitality conference was the first edition held by Apicius, the International School of Hospitality at Florence University of the Arts in April 2015. Special guest speakers included Penn State, Four Seasons, and Salcheto winery, as well as industry panel tastings held by Acetaia Malpighi, Corzano e Paterno, Frantoio Pruneti, Pastificio Fabbri, and Riso Acquerello.

Genius Loci Conference Recap

The video recap of FUA-AUF and SUNY Stony Brook's recent academic conference explores the 2-day event in Florence. The conference opened at the Galileo Museum and continued activities at the FUA Santa Croce campuses. Keynote speakers included Galileo Museum Vice President Filippo Camerota and Maria Federica Giuliani, President of the Cultural Commission for the city of Florence.
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