Cuoralberi Exhibit

By London Gailey, Megan Fox, Meghan Maci, Carley Donnelly

The “Dome Bulfaro” art exhibition held on Thursday June 22, 2023 was hosted by a handful of students studying gallery and exhibition creation at FUA-AUF. The artwork was created by Italian artist Dome Bulfaro, featuring his creative watercolor pieces and poetry. “[Bulfaro] gets his inspiration by observing the world around him and considers himself to be in touch with nature and includes this in his works often,” one curating gallery SPEL student said in a speech at the exhibition. Bulfaro enhances his artwork by
writing lines of poetry on the pieces. In a discussion with the class Bulfaro said “art is a snapshot of life,” and he expresses this belief through colorful pieces of art inspired by nature and everyday life.

Students from the gallery and exhibition curating experiential learning class worked under professor Lapo Morgantini to study and analyze Bulfaro’s artwork and decide which pieces to put in the gallery and how to design the layout of the exhibition.
They also worked closely with Bulfaro to make both of their visions come to fruition. The students have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to the design and production of the exhibit. “We talked to the artist and got a feel for his creative side, the spiritual
side…we narrowed it down until you all agree on one and the professor along the way always says ‘you tell me’ so it’s a little scary but I think it turned out well,” said student Sabrina Martinez-Vicenttin. Bulfaro was excited to work with the students and display
his artwork for the first time in the city of Florence. He valued their opinions and enjoyed working with the students on the creation of the exhibition. When asked about his experience working with the class he said “imagine not a tree but a forest,” to emphasize
the teamwork that went into the gallery. He also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the students' hard work and attention to detail by saying, “it is not my exhibition it is our exhibition,” during his speech during the event. The guests at the exhibition were able
to enjoy his art hung up all throughout the space, and were even able to purchase his work at the showcase.

Overall, the exhibition was an inspiring event that brought the FUA-AUF and local community together by getting the chance to view and read creative, colorful, and expressive pieces of art and poetry.

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