Paride Moretti's “OMO”

On October 19th, a handful of students studying gallery creation at Florence University of The Arts - The American University of Florence hosted an exhibition on Corridoio Fiorentino. In a dazzling debut, Italian artist Paride Moretti premiered his first exhibition, making an enduring impression on the world of art. Titled "OMO," this exhibition stands as a testament to Moretti's remarkable talent and marks an exceptional partnership with FUA-AUF which provided the creative medium and proudly involved students in its creation.

Moretti, a gifted artist and esteemed professor at FUA-AUF, has earned acclaim for his unique approach to art that captures the neglected beauty of everyday commutes. . As he aptly puts it, "My art takes shape during my daily train journeys, where I sketch thoughts and ideas that become the essence of my drawings."

"OMO" serves as a profound exploration of the everyday, artfully transforming mundane moments into extraordinary masterpieces. Moretti's background in classical arts is evident in the meticulous detailing and precision that grace each of his works. This exhibition serves as an open invitation to viewers to delve into life's intricacies through art, showcasing the power of ordinary moments. Students from the gallery and exhibition curating experiential learning class worked with the professor to study and analyze Moretti’s artwork and decide which pieces to put in the gallery and how to design the layout of the exhibition.

In his artist statement, Moretti shares, "The heart of my art lies in challenging viewers to see the world from a fresh perspective. Life's unassuming moments carry profound significance when we invest time in understanding them. Through my drawings, I aspire to guide people to think more deeply and find unique interpretations within life's everyday treasures."

The exhibition features a curated collection of Moretti's drawings, and the passionate artistry behind every stroke and shade has resonated profoundly with art enthusiasts. Moretti's ability to transcend the ordinary encourages viewers to reflect on the narratives concealed within their own daily routines.

"OMO" represents a captivating fusion of classical artistry, unconventional inspiration, and a profound message that extends beyond the confines of the canvas. Underscoring the fruitful collaboration between Moretti, students from FUA-AUF, and the wider community, Paride Moretti's inaugural exhibition undeniably establishes him as an artist to appreciate, and leaves a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to experience his work, and it underscores the fruitful collaboration between Moretti, students from FUA-AUF, and the wider community. The exhibition will remain on display at Via Ricasoli 21 until November 16th. Don't miss the opportunity to witness the synergy of artistic brilliance, student involvement, and academic engagement. Moretti's art speaks volumes – it offers a tantalising glimpse into what the future holds for art enthusiasts worldwide, and is enough to inspire and amaze.

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