What it means to study at FUA-AUF

Student Jessica Nehme studied with us this summer attending the “Food, Health, and Wellness in Italy” course.  This experience moved her so much that she reached out to share what made studying here in Florence special. “Studying overseas with FUA-AUF was like peeling an onion. Every day involved a new experience; and a new layer of the city was revealed. It wasn’t just about attending classes and making new friends; it was navigating unfamiliar streets and diving headfirst into a new culture. 

It was exhilarating. I expected to learn in my classes and I expected to eat a dazzling array of Italian food. Both of those expectations were fulfilled, and so much more.
What I didn’t expect was to make so many new friends or to feel so at home in a country so foreign from my own. I began my exchange feeling nervous, apprehensive about being older
than most of the other program participants and with a huge list of uncertainties. I needn’t have worried. The faculty and staff were incredibly welcoming & supportive and meeting
other students was a breeze. Navigating Florence was tricky at first but it was all part of the experience.”

Cuoralberi Exhibit

The “Dome Bulfaro” art exhibition held on Thursday June 22, 2023 was hosted by a handful of students studying gallery and exhibition creation at FUA-AUF.

Tiny Florence Exhibit

The “Tiny Florence” art exhibition held on Friday June 2, 2023 was a showcase for students who spent the past 3 weeks in an Introduction to Digital Photography and Landscape and Architectural photography class. These students learned the basic skills of how to use a professional camera, edit their photos, and capture meaningful moments.

A Stroll Through Florence

Students discover more about the culture and architecture of Florence on Monday evenings through FUA-AUF’s City Walks extracurricular activity with the Student Life Department.

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